Hitomiza Otome Bunraku

Hitomiza Otome Bunraku is one of Japanese traditional puppet shows, Ningyo Joruri; the group has presented performances and workshops in Japan and other countries. While a bunraku puppet is manipulated by three male puppeteers, a otome-bunraku puppet is performed by solo female puppeteer. Its appearance is similar to a Bunraku puppet, but its mechanism had been restructured to fit solo puppeteer. The three-puppeteer style enables rich and delicate expression that is highly recognized worldwide today; on the other hand, Otome Bunraku is the method to do so with solo puppeteer.

Past Performances Overseas

  • 2000New York, USA
  • 2000Quanzhou, CHINA
  • 2001Kaohsiung, CHINESE TAIPEI
  • 2002Bangkok, THAILAND
  • 2004Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
  • 2005New Delhi, INDIA
  • 2007Moscow, Omsk, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Tomsk, RUSSIA
  • 2010Tolosa, SPAIN
  • 2010Alacant, SPAIN
  • 2012Maribor, SLOVENIJA
  • 2013Košice, SLOVAKIA
  • 2013Sibiu, ROMANIA
  • 2013Sarajevo, BOSNA I HERCEGOVINA