Karakuri Ningyo

The Center has produced the exhibition of Japanese traditional Karakuri Ningyo. Karakuri Ningyo are puppets with sophisticated mechanism, that could be recognized as robots in old days. Their history could be traced back for 300 years, and even today they are performed in traditional festivals all over Japan. The Center noticed this valuable tradition, and researched the art through field works in local venues. The exhibits are qualified replicas; there are approximately 40 of them available. Each of them will be exhibited any time, accompanied by performance and lecture by experts. Recently, Karakuri Ningyo is evaluated as a root of Japanese scientific technology, and the exhibition took place in various counties in Asia, Middle East and Europe.

Past Exhibitions Overseas1991 London, UK

  • 1997Charleville-Mézières, FRANCE
  • 2002Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • 2002Kwangju, KOREA
  • 2005Kaohsiung,Taipei, CHINESE TAIPEI
  • 2005Muscat, OMAN